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Center Hill Lake

Welcome! Center Hill Lake vacations are about fun, family, friends and memories. It’s about catching a giant bass or crappie or skiing alongside 18,220-acre lake that features 415 miles of shoreline. It’s about taking time to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures like breakfast in bed or cooking around your campfire. It’s about feeling like you really ARE on vacation. It’s about Tennessee vacations at Center Hill Lake.

When we say you’ll feel like a kid again, we mean it! The memories of your youth will come rushing back to you while you enjoy your Center Hill Lake vacation. Recreational activities at Center Hill Lake include, boating, camping, fishing, picnicking, wildlife watching, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, water skiing, hiking and biking.

Center Hill Lake offers numerous lodging options including primitive camping, developed campgrounds, rental cabins, and houseboat rentals. There are also motels and bed and breakfast options available with close proximity to the lake. If you are looking to picnic at the lake Picnic Shelters are available for rent at campgrounds and recreational access areas. Most developed campground locations amenities include water and electrical hookups, restrooms, showers, fresh water, and dump stations.

Fishing at Center Hill Lake is one of the favorite activities of lake visitors of all ages. All fisherman age 13 or older are required to have a valid Tennessee State fishing license. Fish from bass to bluegill can are caught year-round and can be caught from the shoreline or from a boat. Fishing boats are available for rent at a number of the lake marinas. Professional fishing guides are also available for hire.

Scuba diving is allowed at Center Hill Lake. Please remember that if you are scuba diving at Center Hill all divers are required display a Diver Down flag in the area where they are diving.

Whatever you decide, make sure the kid inside you gets to choose! Center Hill Lake was created by the construction of a dam across the Caney Fork River. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction in 1942 and completed construction in 1948. The lake is located near Smithville, Tennessee which is about an hour drive east of Nashville, TN. Center Hill Lake offers a wide range of activities for water and outdoor enthusiasts.

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